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Every child has favorite toys. But where and how are they created? Treehouse Club toy workshop will help kids learn to make all sorts of toys and dolls! Making toys from wood will be interesting for boys. Sewing dolls will keep girls busy, and all kids will have fun molding toys from clay!

Mold a cute clay puppy, sew a rag doll or teddy bear, make a wooden train or plane – it’s up to you where to start! Don’t worry if some toys are broken. You can always fix them in our Repair Shop!

Excellent game for development of logic, attention and perception of the world that surrounds your kid.

Game features

Wooden Toys Workshop
– Play toy carpenter and make a wooden plane, train and windmill!
– Chop the log with an axe and cut wood with a hand saw to prepare wooden toy parts!
– Fasten toy parts with a screwdriver and screws to make wonderful toys from wood!

Clay Toys Workshop
– Mold clay and make 3 different and colorful toy animals!
– Prepare clay toy parts and build a toy!
– Bake the toy in the oven to dry out!
– Grab a paint brush to color the toy!

Sewing Dolls & Plush Toys
– Show your sewing skills and make a rag doll, teddy bear and plush giraffe!
– Learn to use scissors, needle, thread, and other sewing tools!
– Decorate a sewn toy the way you want to and make it more beautiful!

Repair Shop
– Fix wooden horse, piggy bank and ripped toy bunny in a workshop under the tree!
– Take care of the broken toys to make them look just as new!

Train Your Memory
Play memory game with your favorite toys and try to find matching pictures as fast as you can!

Gifts & Coins
– Collect 9 toy stickers as you reach new levels!
– Watch short kids movies and get extra coins!
– Spin the water wheel every day and win up to 500 coins!

What’s Inside:
– 4 different workshops to make your own toys!
– More than 100 fun toy making and fixing tasks!
– All sorts of tools for toy arts and crafts!
– Amazing animations and colorful graphics that all kids will love!

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