Katakana – Read and Write

Learning Katakana is challenging. Unlike Hiragana or Kanji, they are uncommon in texts. As soon as you learn Katakana, you lose practice. Alephbet Katakana contains organized lessons designed to let you read complete words and phrases as you go that will give you the practice you need to make it stick. As you enter the practice session after each lesson, you will get the targeted words and phrases that contain only the Katakana you've learned so far.

* Learn all 46 Katakana in record time
* Ten lessons that cover pronunciation and reading tips
* Practice reading with carefully chosen words that you can actually read
* Write Katakana on the popup view
* Listen to the audio examples to perfect your reading
* Comprehensive Practice Mode to test your knowledge after the lessons

Katakana – Read and Write Screenshots:

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