Pororo ABC

■ Pororo ABC Introduction
Pororo and his friends Crong, Loopy, Eddy, Petty, Poby and Harry bring some fun & exciting plays!
Let's start 'Alphabet Phonics Play' with Pororo and friends!
Welcome to Phonics ABC town where we can play and learn with Pororo.

■ Pororo ABC Contents

1. Pororo Phonics 25 Songs (alphabet A~Z)
"Pororo and friends are singing Phonics Songs!
Children naturally can memorize Alphabets and words by singing along the Phonics songs~"

2. Easy and Fun Pororo Play contents
"Fun Play with Pororo and Easy UI for children!
Taking photos with Pororo and Singing, Listening, Reading, Writing and Quizes for learning Alphabet naturally!"


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■ This application is provided by the smart learning brand ToMoKiDS.

– We provide hundreds of study materials and must-read books for the kids aged 3-7.
– We deal with education contents over the all categories
including fairy tales, English, Korean, mathematics, activities, animations, and etc.

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