Piano lessons for kids

A list of music exercise allows your child to practice with piano, like play a real piano.`Need to learn musical notes and improve the manual skills in a fun and easy way, with piano for toddlers.
Your little Mozart can play everywhere and everytime!

Follow colors, tap the screen and play famous kids songs!
Help your child to show his talent!

You can learn musical notes playng the pianophone or xilophone.
The game is a collection of 2 free educational games for your kids.

How to play with piano for kids:

1. Classical piano – Fun and easy way to use virtual instruments like piano. Just tap to hear the sounds!

2. Karaoke, Songs for Children- try to play melodies. The best music activities for kids.

For children play the piano is a way to have fun. These activities can be a pleasant way to spend time with your son.
The game is suitable for children from 4 to 8 years, perfect for preschoolers kids.
This full educational game is free, for this reason contains ads.
Thank you.

Piano lessons for kids Screenshots:

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