Animal sounds piano for kids

Does your child like music and animals? This kids piano app will provide fun and entertainment for your toddler while playing the piano with animal sounds. Play your own favorite song on the piano with real animal sounds. Babies will also enjoy tapping the different colorful keys on the keyboard and listen to the animal sound effects – a kind of baby music box.

The kids animal piano features:
– Real animal sounds
– 8 notes / tones kids piano with bright colors and effects. Multi touch which makes it possible to play several tones at the same time.
– It’s is not only a cat sound or dog sound piano. This piano app contains 12 different animal sounds. Free version contains cat meow sound and frog croak sound. Full version can be bought through in-app purchase and will unlock animal sounds such as barking dog, moo of the cow, roar of the lion, the bleat of a goat, grunting pig and neigh or whinny of a horse.
– full version also contains the possibility to record and play your own songs. It’s great fun for the young ones to play and learn animal sounds on a musical instrument. Playback is only possible within the app.

The magic piano for children may also be used by preschoolers as a first step into the world of musical instruments. It can be used to learn the different animal sounds and get an idea of rhythms in a fun way. Have you ever wondered how the buzzing sound of a fly or the bark of a dog will sound when you play it on a piano? Then try out this animal sound board with animal calls from zoo and farm animals.

The sound and touch game is optimized for both phones and tablets and has been tested on toddlers, kids and parents.

Kidstatic apps aims at delivering educational apps and games for toddlers and kids in a simple and intuitive manner.

We are continuously expanding the range of themes of learning apps and games for children.

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