Tayo TV English

A to Z about Tayo and Pororo!
+400 animated clips, kid's songs and educational videos
Welcome to our happy mobile wonderland, "Tayo TV!"

♥ Why do kids love it?
Tayo TV has tons of videos to watch and games to play!
>> You will never get bored with +300 fun Tayo & Pororo videos!
>> Shake and wiggle! It's always fun to dance and sing along with Pororo!

♥ Why do parents love it?
>> Tayo TV is packed with educational contents just right for your kids!
>> Clips in "Social-emotional Learning Section" help your child grow socially and emotionally.
>> Fun and easy! Help your kids learn math and play with it! Don't forget to meet our math whiz, the Clever Fox Eddy!

♥ Tips and tricks for Tayo TV
>>Turn it on while mom's doing the dishes and dad's doing house chores. You can watch it livestream online.
>> Connect to wifi to download videos and watch them anywhere at any time.
>> Tap and turn on Screen Lock so that a video won't stop or close even if your child randomly touches the screen.
>> Tap and turn on Kids Lock to prevent your child from making unwanted payments by mistake.
>> Subscribe to a monthly package to enjoy +400 various contents.

♥ Exclusive Programs and Benefits from Tayo TV
>> Tayo the Little Bus Season 1 and 2
>> Pororo Season 1~5, Pororo Sing along Seaon 1 and 2
>> Learn a New Song with Pororo! All ten clips are free to watch!
>> The Clever Fox Eddy Season 1 and 2

* Tayo TV smoothly runs on any device above the specs of Galaxy S2.
The app may get laggy or crash if it runs on a device well below our recommended requirements.

* You can refer to Settings > Help > 1:1 to ask inquiries. All inquiries will be promptly addressed via email.

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