ToonYou TVSeries My Dream Jobs

The App to Customize your Pre-School TV series.

Upload a photo of Daddy, Mommy and your loved ones and enjoy an award-winning Pre-school TV Series. (3 awards in 4 months)

Your family will appear in the job of the day: Astronaut, Trapeze Artist, fireman, Postman, President, Computer Scientist… Your kid can understand every job on earth, through acclaimed little adventures.A Customized TV series that you can have Any Time, Any Where, on AnyDevice.

My Dream Jobs tells the story of a StopMotion and Papertoys Series discovering the fun parts of the most famous jobs in the world, from Pilot to Entrepreneur or even Juggler or President! Every morning a young kid wakes up and tells us the dream he/she just had.

The dream reveals the special day of a man or a woman struggling in his/her job. Every job you can think of, from regular to very surprising ones. This Professional is dealing with some serious adventure; which leads the audience to understand what the main or funny parts of his/her job are. We always f ind out that this hero looks like… the daddy or the mommy of our main character!

80% of kids want to spend more time with their parents.90% of kids consider their parents as their N°1 Hero. (Nickelodeon research/Nielsen USA-2012)

« From the very f irst days of their life, children are born with the ability of detecting the unique combination of peculiar visual stimuli: eyes, nose & mouth, that constitute a face. The automatic detection & interest for faces is fundamental for acquiring the milestones of communication & social interaction development. And of course, their parents' faces and emotions will soon be one of the most important clue for kids to understand the world around them. The emotional faces of their parents that they will see in the app, will raise children's interest immediately, and will lead them in a secure exploration of new adventures, as it does in real life. »
Dr Melina Huc

Depending on the language selected, ToonYou brings famous professionals to star in special episodes. For the job of “Novelist”, a real Novel Writer, for the DJ a real king of the deck, for the Fashion Designer a real star.. Surprises to come every month.

PRIVACY & PERMISSION`(FTC rules to protect kids data)

You can customize an episode for free and share it if you want. We are launching the App with 3 packages.

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