Dibo the Gift Dragon 2

The second instalment of Dibo the Gift Dragon episodes includes Dibo’s Camera and a mini Bubble Game!

Inside a mobile hanging in a baby’s room, there exists the plush little village of Cozyland!
Bunny, Cro, Elo, Annie, and the baby lamb Oliver, lived there peacefully, until one day there were loud footsteps, and in came Dibo the Dragon!
Dibo gave gifts to all of the Cozyland people and they soon became friends.
And now you can be a part of their adventures!

Themes include social studies, emotional development, creativity, and building good habits.
As well as being educational the videos are developed with high quality visual graphics that continuously stimulate a fun and interesting atmosphere!

Genre: Preschool entertainment/education
Format: 3D CGI animation

Dibo the Gift Dragon 2 Screenshots:

Category: Education

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