Oops i-Kooo 2:Safety Education

▶ Oops i-Kooo 2 is a Safety Education animated series for your little ones.
▶ Download VOD just 1 time, Enjoy it Anywhere, Anytime. Even you are on the plane! Enjoy the animation On-the-Go!
▶ Have Photo time with i-Kooo, Remi, Bibi the robot bear ! i-Kooo Camera included.

▶ Story Line
Learn basic skills for staying safe in the fun way!
i-Kooo, the silly prince from a distance star, arrives to Earth to experience a whole new world!
Through various episodes, i-Kooo helps the little ones understand how to avoid dangerous situations, follow directions, use things carefully in everyday life in a nonthreatening way!

▶ Learn with i-Kooo about
1. Road safety tips
2. Stranger safety for kids
3. What to do in an emergency
4. Safety tips at home

※ Download Episode 1,2 for Free. Additional episodes available through in-App purchase
※ SmartStudy is an official licensee of Maro Studio

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