Всяка Музяка – karaoke game

"Всяка Музяка" – Ukrainian music karaoke game for toddlers and young preschoolers (3-6 years).

Well-known folk songs for children now sound in a new way in the performance of Andriy Kuz'menko and in modern arrangement of his team. Every song game is a separate little world full of charismatic heroes; interesting animations; hidden objects which have to be found and tasks which have to be fulfilled.

● "Лисичка-сестричка" – a song about a charming fox and her whole fox family, about their fairy home, about interesting activities and entertainments of all forest inhabitants.
● "Два веселі гусі" – a story about two geese who ran away from a granny and made their own boyish hiding place in the forest. Ice-cream, cars, firecrackers, musical instruments and strange devices – all that is needed to make children happy!
● "Ходить гарбуз по городу" — a story about outstandingly talented vegetables and their growth from small grains to a ready harvest under the supervision of a wise Pumpkin.

● Possibility not only to listen to the songs and study them, but also to sing them in karaoke mode;
● Every mini-game has got its own “Achievements board” with tasks to be fulfilled. This is a great feature to train children’s attentiveness;
● In the story about Pumpkin there’s a possibility to get additional characters when growing required sets of vegetables. Children can get acquainted with how to grow plants, train their logical thinking and counting skills;
● Intuitive and user-friendly interface designed for children from 3 years;
● “Parental control” feature – ability to limit the play time.

Try “Всяка музяка” app, enjoy singing, playing and learning!

Nravo Kids is a cooperative project of Nravo company (international mobile game developer) and active Ukrainian parents, who feel the lack of high-quality learning programs for early child development.

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