Safari Train for Toddlers

All aboard the Safari train, we're going to Africa! Join the lion conductor and his fellow travelers on a journey through a fun and interactive landscape. Touch the monkey and watch him pull the leopard's tail, listen to the laughing zebra, and see the sneezing baby elephant.

This colourful app teaches babies and toddlers about animals they normally see in the zoo – lion, leopard, elephants, monkeys, giraffe, hippo, gorilla, parrot, crocodile, meerkats or snakes. Children can tap what they see and learn about the sounds of various animals. Thanks to that they also learn about the cause-and-effect principle.

User interface of the app is designed is especially designed for 1 to 3 year old kids. There are no ads in the app and all the external links are under parental control to ensure that children can use the app on their own and they do not get lost in the navigation.

Safari Train app comes with the locomotive and one coach included, the rest of the coaches are available as an in-app purchase.`

Safari Train for Toddlers Screenshots:

Category: Educational

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