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A town educational activity game that is thoughtfully planned for little kids imagination & developmental stage. It is recommended for children three to six years old.

Little town is an educational problem solving game. Little kids explore and solve events that happen in a real town. Our little town matching game provides toddlers and preschoolers with an interactive free play environment. little kids could experience things freely, with no rules or restrictions that limit a child’s imagination.

– Learning activities for preschool kids in a little town environment
– Matching activities with events – Kids match play objects with their matching events (i.e firetruck with burning house, bus with people waiting at the station and many other).
– Pretend play. Little children can move cars & people on the game board.
– Learn useful English words of play objects.
– Kids can decorate the town with play objects. A playful imaginative game.
– Teaching kids about the world by playing a game about it.

Young children can walk or drive along the town streets and explore different sites, events and activities:

– Walk around the city or take a ride with your favorite car
– Explore outdoor sporting activities: the playground, playing tennis, playing Soccer and even going fishing.
– Fuel your car in the gas station
– Watch the train go by …
– Become a police man and ride the police car around the town
– A Fire just started! Ride around the fire-truck and jump to the rescue!
More than 50 objects and sites to play and interact with!

Little Town Explorer is a child safe game.

We don’t interfere with game play with marketing or inappropriate advertising
The Game is free to try with an in-app purchase to unlock all features for your child

Developed with the help of educational psychologists.`The game was created for both individual and shared play.

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