Baby Guitar Musical Game

Baby Guitar is a FUN GAME FOR BABIES, KIDS AND TODDLERS that let's them play a guitar while at the same time turning your phone into a real musical baby phone with a vast array of nursery rhymes, songs and lullabies played in the background!

Baby Guitar is a 100% FREE game for little ones keen to have their first musical and rock star experience, while they happily listen to nursery rhymes! This free guitar playing game for toddlers provides plenty of interaction, responding to the baby's touches.

Baby Guitar also supports all tablet sizes!

The app features bright colors, smooth animations and lots of hidden things for the curious mind to explore. Your children are sure to have a great time listening to the nursery rhymes included in our app. Some of the popular nursery rhymes that we have included are:

– Hey Diddle, Diddle (The Cat and the Fiddle)
– There was a Crooked Man
– The Grand Old Duke of York
– Hickory Dickory Dock
– If you're happy and you know it
– I'm a little teapot
– Incy wincy spider
– Jack and Jill
– London bridge is falling down
– Old McDonald had a farm
– Peas porridge hot
– Ring a ring o' roses
– Round and round the garden
– Row row row your boat
– The muffin man
– Three blind mice
– Tom, Tom, the piper's son
– It's raining, it's pouring

However, if your kid is looking to create some music and their own rock star experience without songs in the background, they can even turn them off and simply enjoy pure guitar magic! Great new game for babies, toddlers and children!
The game is 100% FREE!!

Baby Guitar is a fantastic and free digital toy for kids. It proves how learning about the world is a process that can easily be combined with plenty of fun and joy and at the same time stimulate your babies imagination and broaden its knowledge of the world surrounding it!

At FunBabyApps, we know how hard it can be when you are surrounded by so many toddler's learning toys at your local toy store that cost so much money and then end up taking so much space in your home! That's why we want to provide a free alternative that doesn't take up any space and is as easy to carry around with you as your phone or tablet! And you can still feel confident that your child is having an entertaining time and learning at the same time!

Baby's Guitar will definitely be a musical treat both for parents and the little ones! It's a perfect opportunity to learn and have fun for babies and toddlers – we promise your child will love it! Don't miss it. Download now!

At Fun Baby Apps, we respect and value your privacy. Therefore, we do not collect, store, or share any personal information or location data.

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