Zoo Keeper – Care For Animals

Play Zoo Keeper and Care for Animals in Zoos Around the World!
Feed & Play with Exotic Zoo Animals and Keep them Clean & Happy
Safari, Arctic, Jungle, Fantasy & More – Awesome Graphics & Amazing Sound Effects!

Want to run a zoo? Well, it’s your lucky day! Play Zoo Keeper, Care For Animals & Explore The Wildlife at 4 zoos from around the world. Hear the lions and tigers roar from the jungle and the chirping from tropical birds as you visit the Far East Zoo, the United Kingdom Zoo, the American Zoo and the Holy Zoo. In each zoo you will find 6 distinct areas from the monkey jungle and the outback to the African safari where lions roam to the arctic and even a fantasy land where unicorns and friendly monsters will play.

In Zoo Keeper – Care For Animals & Explore The Wildlife you will feed lions, monkeys, tigers and other animals and clean up after them. Once you complete a habitat, you’ll earn the special habitat badge! But first, you need to recognize which animals belong in which area of the zoo. Then it’s time to feed the animals their proper diet. Do lions like lettuce? Will monkeys eat meat? Do tigers like bananas? When they like their food they will make a happy noise and when they don’t like it, they will stick out their tongue and spit it out. Realistic and silly sound effects make this zoo keeper game fantastic! Feed the animals until they are full and a food meter will let you know when they are done.

Then it’s time to clean up the animal’s poop. After you’ve finished you will move on to another area of the zoo. Finish at one zoo and move on to the others. Zoo Keeper – Care For Animals & Explore The Wildlife is a fantastic game that kids will love!

What's inside Zoo Keeper:
✔ 60 animals including tiger, monkey, lion, walrus, toucan, polar bear, pelican & even a unicorn!
✔ 4 Unique zoos from around the world – American Zoo, Holy Zoo, United Kingdom Zoo and the Far East Zoo. Each with its own design.
✔ 6 habitats in each zoo: jungle, outback & safari, arctic, birds, predators & fantasy
✔ 10 animals in each habitat
✔ 10 types of food in each area of the zoo to feed the animals
✔ Match the correct food to each animal
✔ Earn Habitat Badges as you take care of more animals and complete more zoos
✔ Learn facts about each animal as you play: life span, favorite food & classification

✔ 6 special habitat badges are waiting for you! Complete each habitat and start collecting them
✔ Amazing & realistic sound effects let you know that the animal likes their food, doesn’t like the food or is full
✔ Tap on the wooden cage to open and release the correct animal to each habitat
✔ Feeding meter shows you when your animal is full after a feeding
✔ After feeding, you must clean up the poop and drop it in a wastebasket

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