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Pazu is a mobile games company that creates and publish beautiful digital games especially designed for kids.

Cupcake Chefs is a fun and original game that lets you go through the whole process of making your own cupcakes – choose your favorite character, pick your ingredients, mix them together, heat it in the oven and watch the spectacular outcome!

There are 5 different chefs to choose from who will completely change your style of baking – Each character has its own unique ingredients and looks which will lead for a very distinctive cupcake. For example, the Cow’s focus is organic good & vegetables, while DeeDee’s focus is magic powder and candies.

• 5 different chefs to choose from – Each with their own unique ingredients and style!
• Hundreds of ingredients that can produce countless different cupcakes!
• Experience the full baking process – from making the cupcake to heating it and watching the final result!
•Colorful and unique toppings, icings, decorations and characters!
•Easy and fluid interface that is designed especially for kids
•It’s FREE!
Cupcake Chefs lets you experience baking in its most fun and creative form without the dangers of real life baking. With countless options for baking different cupcakes, Cupcake Chefs is a captivating tool where the only limit is your imagination!

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