Princesses fairies mermaids

Welcome to the world of princesses, fairies and mermaids!

Design the princess of your dreams in a creative and fun way.
To create your princess, you need to get candy playing fun mini-games: puzzles, Mermaid Fish-catcher, Fairy in the Forest, Fairies with a Racket, Princess' Snot, Mermaids and Frog, Fairies and the Boomerang, Frogs and Fish and the amusing Tree with Eggs.

Design the face of your princess!

The more candy you get, the more options to design your princess you have: start by choosing the shape of her face, the different types of eyes, nose, eyebrows, changing the type of hair or hairstyle, put features to the princess’s face, like chubby cheeks, hearts, etc., and add-ons, like sunglasses of different shapes and colors, necklaces, ties, and even change the background color for a special touch.
You can change your princess’s face as many times as you want or you feel like, so try to have the maximum number of possible candies playing mini-games.

Choose a message to your best friends!

Once you have retouched and designed your princess the way you like, you can choose a text with a special message, add it to your princess and send it to your best friends. Your message does not take candy away, so you can select one whenever you want to and send it to different types of friends. You'll be able to congratulate your friends on their birthdays or tell them how much you love them with posts.

Take a picture of the princess and send it to your friends!

Once you've created the princess of your dreams, you can send it to whoever you want with the "take a picture" button. You can click on it to share the picture of your princess with whoever you like.
Be creative and have fun with your friends by customizing your princess's face. You can create many designs and faces to make your princess look funnier and more modern, and you can also send them to different friends or relatives.

Mini-Game 1 and 2 – 4×4 and 5×5 Puzzles

Complete the puzzle to get candy princesses. Move images from the lower to the upper panel and complete the image panel. Each completed puzzle gives you lots of candy.

Minigame 3 – Mermaid Fish-catcher.

Minigame 4 – Fairy in the Forest

Get keep the fairy without tripping over the trees until the end of time. You get candies with every tree that you avoid. If you can keep the fairy until the time runs out, you get 500 candies.

Minigame 5 – Fairies with Rackets

Minigame 6 – Princess’ Snot.

The Princess has a cold and a runny nose.

Minigame 7 – Mermaids and the Frog

In this minigame you must touch the mermaids so that they can rise and touch the frog. Every time a mermaid touches the frog, this will go higher and higher until it leaves the pond.

Minigame 8 – Fairies and Boomerangs.

You have six boomerangs at the bottom of the screen which you will have to touch so that they soar. But beware because at the top you have three wonderful fairies that are flying happily and they must not be touched by the boomerangs.

Minigame 9 – Frogs and Fish.

Will you be able to pass the 6 frogs from one place of the pond to the other? To do so, you must touch every frog to make it advance.

Minigame 10 – Trees with Eggs

Touch each one of the eggs to make them fall off the tree, but beware, because each egg that falls, it must be collected by the pan.

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