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Show And Tell is a new, simple and fun way to share stories and events using your tablet or phone. Kids, parents and teachers can use it to enhance communication with pictures, video, sounds and text-to-speech. From kindergarten circle to special education, anyone can benefit from this new way of expressing memories and ideas.

Each story is organized in pages with a picture, video and text. The pages can have a sound clip attached or text-to-speech interpretation. The pictures and sounds can be selected from device albums or recorded instantly. A draw and handwriting pad is available for Samsung Galaxy / Note S Pen. The stories can be added and edited with an easy to use wizard. Fun effects can be added with the integrated Aviary photo editor. The stories can be saved as PDF and e-mailed. The entire story can also be shared by email with other Show And Tell users.

The application is particularly useful for teachers, therapists and parents. It allows for quick creation of personalized sequenced stories, with the possibility of introducing own phots, video, text and audio recording. The application is best suited for young children or children with reduced speech clarity, learning disabilities, autism, behavior difficulties, developmental disabilities and/or emerging language abilities (nonverbal communication, speech therapy).

Show and Tell provides the adults working with the children a tool to stimulate language, including comprehension, oral expressive skills, reading and writing skills. The app can be used to create social narratives to depict common social problems or conflicts and ways to address them in a socially acceptable way. The app allows for maximum flexibility on the part of the adult designing the story for the child. For example, if the teacher chose to draw small figurines on paper to depict emotions and actions, then a picture can be taken and “voila”, a story was created which can then be used over and over again, until the target behavior is learned.

The app allows the user to create sequenced stories which are often key for early language and literacy development. The stories created can be used to expand conversations, introducing the story elements to the child or introducing more details and richness to the conversational exchange.

The stories can be used to support children with severe articulation disorders, oral language difficulties, nonverbal or autistic children. The parents or teacher may create simple stories to depict an activity that the child has done, then use the app to allow the child to share the information with others, familiar or unfamiliar peers and adults, in order to expand the range of people that the child communicates with.

If the focus is on Vocabulary and concept development, the teacher or parent may take pictures of multiple objects depicting a concept that is a focus for the child (such as colors, numbers, sizes, etc), then create a quick story for the child to refer to.

The app may be used to create early literacy individualized alphabet books to aid children who are struggling to make the connection between the letters and their respective sounds through association with pictures of personally meaningful things. For example, the book of B may include several pictures of favorite items of the child that start with B, such as ball, bananas, beaver tails. A familiar voice recording would increase familiarity and ensure faster connections are made.

Children with working memory difficulties may benefit from the stories created with Show and Tell to replay a sequence of familiar events for quick reference. For example, a child may use a story which replays the steps required to do a pen and paper exercise in class or homework.

This is a demo version, limited to three stories with only three pages each. The full version is available on Google Play, search for "wsisat".

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