Paper Sumo with Smart Watch

Battle by choosing from 10 unique characters of all different sizes and design! From small children to adults, just tap the screen or shake your smart watch to play.

With the built in 3D engine, tapping the screen causes the base to shake, making it incredibly close to the actual Paper Sumo. An unreal experience of a battle between a baby and a huge Kraken! You can expect a heated battle to go on.

This is a free family app that can be played by all family members. No popup adverts or miss pressed purchases.

It’s also compatible with the smart watch!!

Our “Kinderpan” series are apps for children above the age of 2, focusing on creating a new creative communication tool within the family.

Just choose your character and tap (or shake). Playable for all ages because of it’s simplicity that needs no instructions.

A variety of characters have been designed to stimulate the creativity within the child.

<3D engine, Just like the real Paper Sumo>
Introducing the experience of the real Paper Sumo on the digital device.

By being smart watch compatible, you can battle with the Smart Watch. Enabling the battle to engage even if one of the player is in a different room, like the kitchen or study. Hoping to create more communication time between parent and child.

Paper Sumo with Smart Watch Screenshots:

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