Talking Joa Hutos Lite

Introducing Joa: The lovable character from Hutos & Friends comes to life on the iPhone.

Joa can hear you, and can repeat what you say. Touch Joa, and tickle her. Joa is the perfect virtual companion for children who like to hear themselves talk!

★★★ Let’s Play with Joa! ★★★

ⅴ Joa will follow you when you talk!
ⅴ Joa will get bored if you don’t play.
ⅴ Joa likes to be scratched on the head and body.
ⅴ Touch Joa once, Joa will come towards you.
ⅴ You can call Nado.
ⅴ Ara pet will be out soon.
ⅴ Send and Receive Gifts.
ⅴ Dance like tradition!

Have fun with Joa and laugh out loud!

Talking Joa Hutos Lite Screenshots:

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