3D Ball Algeria LWP

Fantastic Live Wallpaper with which you can improve the appearance of your Smartphone with the ball of the Algeria national football team.

You can change the wallpaper image by double tap on the 3D model

From Settings menu you can configure the application as follows:
-Change the picture to show.
-3D Model Choose between sphere, cube and plane.
-Change the speed of rotation.
-Change the size of the 3D model.
-Allow the ball bounce on the Smartphone desktop.
-Change the transparency of the figure.

-On the settings menu of the application select "Set Wallpaper". We seek our wallpaper and select it and follow the instructions.
-On the live wallpaper menu of your smartphone, select our wallpaper and follow the Smartphone instructions.

Football, Soccer, 2014 FIFA World Cup, Championship, Brazil

3D Ball Algeria LWP Screenshots:

Category: Sports

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