Speed booster + memory cleaner

Ever felt that your phone or tablet is lagging and more slow by the day? Speed Booster + Memory Cleaner optimizes your Android CPU, RAM, and battery with a single tap.

Speed Booster + Memory Cleaner provides one-click optimization, automatic boosting, and the ability to manually control processes that optimize your device’s resources.

The Most Simple Optimizer: Speed Booster + Memory Cleaner won’t confuse you like some other junk-clearing apps. It quickly and effectively clears your device’s cache with a single tap and offers a very easy-to-use task manager in a clean, simple interface. That’s all!
One-Click Optimization: One click to free up and clear wasted system resources (CPU and RAM) that will let your apps run faster, be more stable, and save you valuable battery life.
Home Screen Widget: Clean trash, boost RAM, or launch games with extra boost from home screen.

Auto Speed Boost Mode: Speed Booster + Memory Cleaner optimizes your device’s processor and memory so that your phone or tablet’s resources are cleaned.
Speed Boost Notification: Speed Booster + Memory Cleaner will notify you when a speed boost is required on your device based on lag and system resource analysis.
Boost Reports: Each boost provides a report of boost results, and you will see why the device works faster and is more stable.
Task Killer: Speed Booster + Memory Cleaner offers a simple, easy-to-use task manager to examine your device’s running processes and manually close what you think might be affecting speed, memory, or security.
Completely Free Speed Booster: All the app features are available forever with no extra charge

Unbelievable! Finally an app that does what it claims.
Wow I can't believe how much more use I am getting out of my battery life.
Wow Right from the beginning – a noticeable difference!

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