Front Flash for Snapchat

Introducing Front Flash for Snapchat – the solution to sending selfies in the dark.

It has never been possible to send selfies in the dark with Snapchat… until now, with Front Flash for Snapchat! Front Flash is used by thousands of people who want to take high-quality, illuminated photographs even when it’s dark – and now, Front Flash for Snapchat allows you to send photographs to your contacts on Snapchat… even in pitch black!

Snapchat is a beloved photo-sharing application with one fatal flaw: the inability to take photographs when you are in a dark room. Front Flash for Snapchat solves this problem and allows you to send illuminated selfies with ease.

Front Flash simply places an overlay that you can use with any application on your Android device – or you can open Snapchat with just one touch. This overlay acts as a virtual flash with a bright white light that visibly illuminates your face even in complete darkness with no external light.

All Snapchat users can use the application… for free! You can resize and expand the overlay to fit your screen. With Front Flash for Snapchat, you can finally send Snapchats 24/7!

Download Front Flash for Snapchat today and start sending selfies at night!

– A special, interactive overlay that works with any application (including Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, etc)
– The best and only way to take selfies at night!
– Support for Android 2.2 and up, adapted for phone and tablet use.
– The first virtual flash application gets even better with Front Flash for Snapchat!

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