Smart thermometer uses the temperature sensors in your phone to show the indoor temperature and connects to the internet to get outside temperature and weather data of your location. Application is indoor – outdoor thermometer with integrated weather station.

■ Thermometer App Features:
✓ Celsius & Fahrenheit scale
✓ Selective default units Celsius / Fahrenheit
✓ Local weather information
✓ Tablet support

■ Thermometer App checks following sensors:
✓ Battery temperature sensors,
✓ Device temperature sensors,
✓ Ambient temperature sensors.

■ Weather information:
✓ Local outside temperature
✓ Local weather conditions
✓ Local outside humidity (in %)
✓ Local outside wind speed (in m/s or knots)
✓ Local outside atmospheric pressure (in hPa – hectopascals)

Thermometer application needs your Location Services to find your location and serve you local weather data.

Thermomether Screenshots:

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