Emulator Games Catalog

Emulator Games Catalog is a must have tool for any emulator player, fan of retro gaming & collectors. This app contains games and roms list for more than 30 system. if you are searching for a game or roms name and looking for information about it this app will help you to do so, as it offers a complete list of games and roms for more than 30 emulator. With this App you will get to look for information about the games through Google, take a look at some snapshots of the games and search for emulators through Google play store.

This App include games lists for many systems like Sony Playstation PSP, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance and much more.

This App isn't a rom downloader, it will not download roms for you, please do not install if that's the case. In fact, downloading roms or linking to host-sites is prohibited by google policy, that's why the search engines for emuparadise and coolrom has been removed

How to :
1- First select a system that you want to browse it's games lists
3- Browse the games and choose one.
4- Now you can get all the info about the game rom you chose, snapshots, emulators for the selected system, and search for more info about the game with the Google search engine chosen earlier.

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