Stopwatch & Timer

This is a simple and easy to use stopwatch and all kinds of timer with an intuitive interface.
Extremely easily viewable and easy to use, Because Can you customize the application to suit your needs.
All functions feature simple and quick controls.
The app has a rich functionality and superior performance.

☆High precision stopwatch.
Max time is 9999 hours over.
1/1 second~1/1000 second measuring units.
Battery saving design. (Measurement is not lost even when the power is turned off. )

☆Lap Time and Split Time.
Recorded number is infinite.
Export by email or SD-card or clipboard.

☆Timers of all kinds.
Countdown timer. (Count down Alarm.)
Count up timer. (Count up Alarm.)
Interval timer. (Interval Alarm. Loop timer. Repeat timer.)
Allows for more detailed settings.
Alarm choose from ringtone or music files.

☆Customize function.
Font color.
Font size.
Button size.
Button position.
Font type.(Normal, Bold, Italic, Digital LCD, Dot, etc..)
Background color.
Background picture.
Notice sound.(mp3 music or all kinds ringtone.)
Keep awake.

☆Perfect for every timing situation.
The best app for Training and Sports. Ideal for treadmill. Treadmill stopwatch, Lacrosse stopwatch, Jogging stopwatch, Marathon stopwatch, Training timer, Swimming stopwatch ,Track sport, Time attack, General athletics timer, Circuit training timer,Cycling stopwatch.
The best app for cooking. Kitchen timer. Kitchen alarm.
Ideal for Productivity. Meeting timer,Lecture timer, Presentation timer,Schedule management timer,Manage time of the task.

Popularity stopwatch and timer. 7 million download over.
Corresponds to android tablet and android phone.
Stopwatch and timer is free of charge.

☆Support languages. (Alphabetical order.)
Arabic. ساعة توقيت وتوقيت.
Chinese. 秒表和计时器。
English. Simple stopwatch and timer.
Finnish. Sekuntikello ja ajastin.
French. Chronomètre et le compteur.
German. Stoppuhr und Timer.
Hebrew. שעון עצר וטיימר.
Italian. Cronometro e timer.
Indonesia. Stopwatch dan timer.
Japanese. ストップウォッチ&タイマー
Korean. 스톱워치 및 타이머에.
Malay. Jam randik dan pemasa.
Norwegian. Stoppeklokke og tidtaker.
Polish. Stoper i timer.
Portuguese. Stoper i timer.
Romanian. Cronometru și timer.
Russian. Cекундомер и таймер.
Slovak . Stopky a časovač.
Spanish. Cronómetro y temporizador.
Taiwanese. 秒錶和計時器。
Thai. นาฬิกาจับเวลาและนาฬิกาจับเวลา
Turkish. Kronometre ve zamanlayıcı.
Vietnamese. đồng hồ bấm giờ và hẹn giờ.

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