~3D Horror~ Evil Nightmare

Explore the house and collect souls!

A full-scale 3D adventure game with an FPS view that will give you a thrilling experience no other app can provide!
Collect the hidden souls to escape the horrible haunted house!
Can the house's terrifying mystery be unveiled?!

Right of Screen: Move your character.
Left of Screen: Rotate your view.
Investigate Button: Investigate suspicious places inside the house. Collect the hidden souls if found.
Use Crystal Button: Make souls visible for a certain period of time.

Collect the souls hidden within the furniture, paintings, etc. throughout the house. Bring them to the entrance to escape the house of horror. However, if you come in contact with the maid's ghost, it's game over.
Crying won't get you anywhere. This is neither a place to test your courage nor simply a haunted house. It's a matter of survival; you either live or die. Keep away from the ghost to collect souls and get back in one piece!

*The use of earphones or headphones is recommended to intensify the horror!

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Category: Adventure

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