Military Truck City Operations

If you are a big fan of military trucks then play these military truck city operations.
This military tuck can be used for pulling the car, van, pickup, small truck, ambulance, armored car, baby carriage, balloon, and barge. This game is the real time simulator for army truck in speedy traffic. This truck is useful for mining the explosives. Troops can be transferred from one place to another easily in these types of vehicle. The other version of this this car is 18 wheels truck in which driver has to be very conscious because the length of these vehicles are very long. This type of automobile can also climb the hill and can be useful in truck racing. This is the best simulator of 2015.A driver can use these trucks as crazy monster to deliver the cargo or garbage off-road. These trucks are used as demolishers. I am sure you will be going to love this truck mania. A good driver can fix his driving in this virtual reality simulator of military truck.

Military Truck City Operations Screenshots:

Category: Adventure

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