Where is my way?

Explore yourself and Enjoy the way in finding home after escaping from the prison.–!
Cross the worlds using your spontaneity,intelligence and patience. Game contains five worlds where each world is a maze. Find the way out of maze in each level where you have to think to take a turn left or right.!

Never ever try to escape from a prison as it leads to many problems. The first level is of prison, find the key to get out of prison and go through the gate for next level. Concentrate on walls for clues that can help you in finding key.`Survive through those rocks and make way to dark house. Here the difficulty starts, use your mathematical knowledge to turn left or right and beware of sudden accidents.

The Five worlds are:-
-> Out of Prison
-> Slippery lake
-> Mountain survival
-> Dark house escape
-> Home in Town

Where is my way? Screenshots:

Category: Adventure

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