Super Pinocchio Adventure

Super Pinocchio Adventure is one kind of adventure game, with full of mystery.
In this game, you will transform to a little boy, named Pinocchio, going on a amazing adventure.
Help Pinocchio collect golden coin as much as possible to reach the hisghest point you can get. Futhermore, all kind
of fruit will became efficient weapon, help Pinocchio destroy his enemies. As well as this, break all cubes on the road to collect more time, more lives.

Some features of game Super Pinocchio Adventure World:
-Three kind of worlds in Pinocchio
-4 kind of beast
-Items: Lives, time.

How to play Super Pinocchio Adventure world:
-4 buttons go along with 4 directions, up, down, left and right
-Press the buttons to control
-Double tap to jump higher

Hope you enjoy Super Pinocchio Adventure.

Super Pinocchio Adventure Screenshots:

Category: Adventure

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