MLG Slenderman HD

THIS IS NOT A STANDARD SLENDER GAME. THIS IS A PARODY. If you want a standard Slender Game, download Slenderman X-mas Edition HD.

We have a CHARITY EVENT going in for this Christmas.

If you liked this game, help us by purchasing our other game, "Slenderman X-mas Edition HD"! It's only 1$ 🙂

How to play:
Tap in the lower left corner to move and in the lower right corner to rotate the camera.

I highly recommend using headphones for the best experience.

How to win:
Collect all the 8 weed leafs by tapping on them( beware, the more weed leafs you have, the faster Slender moves! ). After all 8 weed leafs are collected, a sniper rifle will spawn somewhere on the map(the spot is fixed, somewhere secret). Collect the sniper rifle by tapping it. Once you collected the sniper rifle, you must aim in the direction of Slender-Shrek and press the "Fire" button. If you fired correctly, Slender will be killed.

Bug: some phones are considered by the game as tablets, so if you can't control your player,look in the "Help" screen in the main menu, and see where you need to tap if you are using a tablet.`Thank you for your cooperation! This is the first game that I'm making, and I put a lot of work in it, but I'm sure I missed a couple of bugs so please send them to me if you find any.

MLG Slenderman HD Screenshots:

Category: Adventure

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