Horse Adventure

Yee haa! Golden adventure is waiting for you!

When you reach your hometown, a carthorse is leaving quickly. Chests of gold are shiny behind its backs. People are running down, yelling and asking for your help to take the gold back. There’s no more time to wasted, chasing bandits down is your goal to reach. Can you success this time?

Horse Adventure take you to an epic adventure through various towns. There will be a lots of obstacles and people on the roads. Swipe your finger up to make your horse jump or tilt it left or right to change lane.

You will find many supplies, use them wisely to make advantages: explosion can destroy anything, shield create protection in short time… If there are not enough powers for your play style, buy them.

*** FEATURES ***
– Various different power ups and upgrades
– Hi-score leaderboard
– Share your best score to friends by Facebook, and don’t forget to challenge them
– Addictive game play

– Horse Adventure offers in-app purchase that cost real money. Horse Adventure allows you to buy coins which can be used on upgrades. You can still collect coins in game without making any purchase by playing so hard or by watching video advertisements.
– Horse Adventure also contains advertising. You can disable it by purchasing Remove Ads package.

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Horse Adventure – Goal To Gold

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