Alien: Space Fear

The aliens exist? Yes or no? And if you are more 'closer than we think, and if the moon landing was not a great scientific discovery but well more'?
The Moon we see it high in the sky at night and admire its beauty ……
Many sources, however, 'said the government of the United States when landing on the moon I can not find' just a pile of rocks, but life forms. Several photos taken by satellites resume strange objects on the lunar surface.
31 July 2013 was sent a NASA space shuttle last generation on the basis of research and mining above the moon, the reason for this expedition was to control the communication interference from the bases.

James O'Nell astronaut sent did not do more 'return from that mission. And NASA deny 'the existence of this base and the lunar expedition.

Many people who have been abducted by aliens in recent months have recognized the face of astronaut James O'Nell. Many theories claim that it is still alive, kidnapped and held slave by aliens, or that it is able to have direct contact with the aliens and to collaborate with them and one of the theories more 'creepy is that it was used for hybridization experiments between species and that it has become a hybrid between man and alien.

It's up to you to find out the truth.

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