Princess Shoe & Leg Spa

The Royal Salon is in need of girls who can see to it that the Princess gets the best leg accessories and shoes for a little party. Can you kids help the Princess get ready for her party in as little time as possible?

The girls in this salon are faced with a different challenges than ordinary makeup or any sort of makeover. This time they have to tend to the legs which are an essential part of the good looks that are necessary for a little yet royal party. After the Princess is done with the makeup and other makeover from the other side, it’s your turn now to adorn those legs to add the final touch!

Start off by giving the legs a proper makeover. After this royal makeup is done, proceed to select some fine little shoes and afterwards some nice looking stockings & laces will follow.

So kids especially girls, download this game and have your very own salon to treat the princess’ legs.


►MAKEOVER: Give those pretty legs a nice manicure and makeup in your salon! Be careful with it kids!
►SHOE SELECTION: Girls you better get the best shoe for our princess!
►STOCKINGS & LACES: Select the best suited stocking and combine with pretty laces!
►READY THE PRINCESS: Your princess is all set to go in her royal party!
►FUN: A fun & free game for kids to spend their time on!


Princess Shoe & Leg Spa Screenshots:

Category: Casual

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