Wrist Surgery Doctor

Welcome to the most amazing surgery hospital in town. Take on the role of a arm surgery doctor in a little clinic that's an absolute beauty to look at! Start fixing up brave little Kids & Princesses! You will be assisted by a nurse to help you along the way. Just make sure their little arms are good as new!

It all begins with a casual day at the hospital. Nurses are busy going about doing their own work when all of a sudden there comes a school bus with little but brave children! Oh no! What could have happened to all these children? It seems as if their arms got injured by playing at the timber factory! The factory owners must have been a clumsy bunch as timber saw injuries can be dangerous. At times the injured arm might need a makeover as well. Don't worry though your clinic can take care of them! Restore their beauty and fix those clumsy kids & princesses. Ask the nurse for help, and get rid of those timber saw scars. As you will be putting on the role of a wrist surgery doctor all the kids with injured arms will be coming to you for help!


– Clumsy Kids: Select from 3 Kids including a brave princess for a fix up
– Temperature Check: Make sure the kids do not have a temperature
– Stethoscope: Is the heart beating like it should?
– Cleanup at the Clinic: Quick! Use different cleaning tools and get that kid ready for the next treatment!
– X-Ray Check: Since a wrist has 13 bones check out how many are broken from the X-Ray
– Wrist Repairing: Replace broken bones with new ones!
– Healing Makeover Tool: You will be equipped with a bone healer to shorten the recovery time, the princess is going to love that the makeover tool will leave her skin looking flawless!
– Wrap it up: In the end use fun bandages and call it a wrap! Beauty knows no bounds, which is why you won't need any further makeovers.


– Wrist Surgery Doctor is free with NO In-App Purchases
– Remember to visit the wrist surgery Clinic Daily to unlock BONUS items!
– Visit the Hospital's daily bonus section for a full list of items
– Keep playing as a Wrist Surgeon to unlock everything

Who knew Surgeries can be fun? Well, at Tipy Tapy we make sure that playing as a Doctor in a hospital is nothing short of phenomenal. So come join the brave nurses, help the kids & princesses get rid of the timber saw like scars, and restore their beauty!


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