Pet Beauty Salon!

Looks like someone needs a little love and care. And perhaps a doctor! Pets Play House is a fun dress up and doctor game that's all about taking care of cute kitty and puppy patients one at a time. This house is full of animals that need your love and attention. It's easy to show them you care, all you need is a little time!

When a kitty comes to you with dirt in its fur, what should you do? Give it a bath, of course! Use soap, water and lotion to make kitty clean and pretty once again. And what happens is a puppy is hungry? Open up some food and feed her, of course! Take good care of your furry friends and they'll return your love with puppy kisses and kitty hugs, just like in real life.

Taking care of your pets is only part of the experience. Once they're fed and full, dress them up using tons of different hats, shoes, accessories and dresses. Nothing makes a puppy happier than looking beautiful!

– Play doctor as you take care of dogs and cats.
– Give your pets a bath, feed them when they're hungry, comfort them when they're sad.
– Dress pets up in pretty dresses and cute outfits.

How to Play:
– Select a new pet to take care of.
– Use the touch screen to give your puppy or kitty friend a bath.
– Dress pets in outfits and take them to the park to play!


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