Clash of Cans

Fast, Thrilling, Amazing. Those are the only words that can describe this clash between cans, and a tiny space ship. If your reflexes are a tiny bit slow, then you are not in good hands. Compelling graphics, insane quality, and adrenaline rushing, this game is a game that you won’t forget.

FAST pace game
this game is insanely fast and is a hard game to play, it needs perseverance to play.

AWESOME quality
this graphics are the best graphics experience able in an android phone or tablet. Very realistic graphics with amazing quality.

This game is not a game where you relax and play it, you must be on top of your game to play this. Dodging left and right, shooting and shooting, it is a very unforgettable, thrilling game.

How to play:
Play this game by tilting your screen left and right. This way you can position your ship under the incoming cans. Your goal is to tap on the screen to shoot the cans and get them out of harms way.

Clash of Cans Screenshots:

Category: Family

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